Piece of her mind

Some of you may already know, that my wife, Deasy Will be taking her master course in Ewha University, Seoul. But I’m sure not everyone sits on the same page as her thoughts, especially her friends. The risks she’s willing to take, the chance she had to take, and all the years she spent which lead to this opportunity, is beyond what she imagined at the first place. Below is her own words, thoughts which rarely be written in such media. I post it here for you to read, so you could understand her point of view better.

Pada akhirnya, pengalaman, harus diamalkan. Jangan lupa.


Jakarta, March 24, 2017. On her facebook she posted this.

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When I first decided to pursue a graduate study, some will ask me : Why are you going to South Korea and on top of that, why to an ALL WOMAN university ? And the follow up questions will be as far as ‘your a married women, is it ok with your spouse ? ‘How about your daughter ? ‘How is your family? ‘Even a few will ask ‘its just one of those feminist of yours right ? ‘So no men is allowed in the school area ?’.
Usually I will just smile.

Apparently in this modern era the idea of a late 30s married woman going back to school and studying is too hard too comprehend by some.

Women are used to be ‘deemed’ good or ‘worthy’ when she is able to bear a child, manage her husband, posess an excellent cooking skill, or great doing a house chores. No need to go for a higher education. At time goes by, this view somewhat evolved altho the main issue remain. Sometimes debate will emerge within the fellow women. 

Personally, for me essential of women empowerment is the ability to have a choice and choose. Having a successful career doesn’t make you any more superior than a housewife. Being a stay home mom doesn’t make you a better one than a working mom. To have someone else’s cook for your family doesn’t make you any less of a woman . And a relationship status doesn’t define us as a woman human being.

Women should be able to make her own choice without being judged as a good woman or not. Whether we agree with her choice/view or not, we at least have to respect it. Being a woman judged by the society is already hard enough without us, fellow woman, making it more difficult.

Let’s go hand in hand for empowered Indonesian women in the near future, cheers !❤️