Second Worst Transformers Movie

So I’ve watched the latest Transformers sequel called Age of Extinction. Obviously, set years after the last battle where Megatron was blown into pieces, and a new kind of war begins.

It looks good in 3D, but I never like watching 3D flicks which runs more than 2 hours. This movie runs almost for 3 hours. Tho I recommend to watch it on IMAX screens. Get ready for my review.

Instead of long write ups, let me just give you some straight pointers about this movie, as my review.

  • Great fighting scenes
  • J.J. Abrams must be proud, lots of backlighted scenes, light flares, and over exposed frames. Love it.
  • Flat-front-truck old school Optimus Prime was best
  • This sequel is better than the third
  • I miss the old Bumblebee
  • Not so subtle product placements! Even in HongKong
  • You’ll see interesting different camera angles (than ones before), when it comes to robot closeups
  • Mark Wahlberg is ok
  • but Nicola Peltz is better looking than Rosie, but Megan Fox is still the best.

All and all, being the fourth sequel, this one is somewhat better than the third one (sorry Rosie). A bit dragging, but maybe I was a bit tired. Succeed as a summer blockbuster, but I doubt for it being the best this summer. Again, go see it on IMAX screen with best sounds, go 3D only if you must.

My favourite scene: that shot between tall and tight buildings in HongKong, simply wow.

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